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Set The Bar For The BEST Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower & Engagement Parties!
Add some atmosphere and wow-factor to any party, whether it be a bachelorette party, bridal shower or wedding parties, this 17 Piece Gold and White Bachelorette Party Cups are promised to set the tone in a big way.

Product Details:
✔ High-quality BPA free plastic party cups with white frosted shell and elegant "She Said Yaaas!" + "I Said Yaaas!" gold lettering designs.
✔ Long-lasting and reusable - simply handwash with warm soapy water and you're set to keep the party going!
✔ Each party cup is 16 Oz. which is more than enough to carry your favorite beverage, whether it be champagne, vodka, beer or a fancy cocktail.

10 x 16 Oz. "BRIDE TRIBE" Cups for the Bridesmaid
1 x 16 Oz. "BRIDE" Special Edition Cup for the Bride-to-Be

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✔ Strong Quality Control Process to Deliver the Best Product Possible!

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Product Features

  • 🍾PARTY CUPS FOR THE BRIDE & HER TRIBE! - Add some class to your Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower with this set of GORGEOUS rose gold "Bride & Bride Tribe" bachelorette party cups! Each 16oz bridal shower cup is complete with elegant white lettering, perfect for existing your rose gold bachelorette decorations. Let's face it, the bride and her bride tribe are beyond red solo cups. Class it up and get yourselves these stunning "Bride & Bride Tribe" Bachelorette Party Cups!
  • 🍾GET THE WHOLE BRIDE TEAM INVOLVED! - Is the Bride Tribe rollin' deep? No problem! This set of Bride & Bride Tribe Bachelorette Party Cups comes with 10 x Bride Tribe rose gold bridesmaid cups for the wedding party and 1 x Bride customized Bachelorette Cup for the Bride-to-Be! Get the WHOLE bride squad buzzed with our bachelorette party supplies and the rest will take care of itself. Because who walks around with an empty cup? Absolutely noone. Take your engagement party up a notch!
  • 🍾BPA FREE & REUSABLE! - Party hard knowing that your bachelorette cups are BPA free and environmentally friendly. If the bachelorette party accidentally turns into a multi-day bender, you can wash last night's mistakes away by simply hand washing with soap and starting all over again. When it comes to bachelorette decorations and party supplies, we don't mess around! You will always get the best from us, or your money back.
  • 🍾POUR IT UP & POST IT ON THE GRAM - Whether it be champagne, beer or cocktails, our sturdy 16oz bachelorette party cups are up for wherever the party takes you. These gorgeous rose gold Bride & Bride Tribe cups makes spamming your Instagram feed irresistible, letting your followers know how to do a Bachelorette Party right! No matter your drink of choice, these party cups will make any party sauce look classy. Made of high quality plastic, these cups are guaranteed to last longer than you.
  • 🍾TRY RISK-FREE TODAY! - Our #1 priority is exceeding our Customers' expectations which is why we offer a 2 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY with every A3 DIRECT purchase! Your complete satisfaction is backed by our promise of high-quality products and world-class customer service. If anything happens to your Bride & Bride Tribe Bachelorette Cups, contact us and we will replace them free of charge, no questions asked! Try our Bachelorette Party Cups RISK-FREE today! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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