Mini LED Flashlights Keychain 12-Pack Assorted Colors - 2.5 Inches Mini Plastic Pocket Torch - 5-Bulb LED Keyring For Camping, Kids, Party Favor, Goody Bag Filler, Gift, Prize, Pocket Size - By Kidsco is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Do you find it hard organizing your keys?
Do you often lose them?
Do they detach easily from your hooks?
Does it take time unlocking your knobs, drawers, cabinets, or lockers during night time?
Does it cause you trouble looking for tiny items inside your bag, under your bed or sofa, on your desk?

Worry no more! Kidsco brings you the answer.

2 in 1 Solution
Key chain is one of the most convenient places to keep our essential handy tools. We carry them every day to secure our keys, getting rid of forgetting or losing these valuables.

Flashlight keychains are way more convenient because it works double for a single holder - mini light torch and key fob. It's like adding another gear to our daily life to ensure we are always prepared.

Portable and Convenient
Unlike high lumen handheld flash lamps that are too big, heavy and bulky for our bags, pouches or pockets, LED Keyring Light is smaller, fashionable, and transportable.

Survival Kit
Biking, hiking, camping, fishing, driving - wherever we go and whatever we do, we get less trouble! Its embedded 5 LED lights illuminate powerful beam, enough for our travel needs and exigencies.

Within Reach
Pocket size to hang it in belt loop, lanyard, backpacks, handbags, traveling bags, sling bags, car hook, wall hanger along the bedroom, hallway, laundry room, stairwells.

Good Gift Idea and Party Favors
Perfect for game materials, presents, and giveaways. With its 4 playful colors, all ages will enjoy using it.

Product Features

  • HIGHLY VERSATILE - Kidsco's super bright flashlight is designed for many uses - keychain, emergency flashlight and signal notice. The tiny lamp is locked to a keyring, fastened separately to keep your keys away from tangling and losing. Its 5 LED bulbs provide adequate beam for safe walking in the night or along the hallway, giving out a warning sign, checking stuff inside your bag, cabinet, or drawer.
  • SMALL AND PORTABLE - Serving great portability and security, the key fob measures 2.5 inches to accompany you anytime. Easy attach style to hang in belt loop, backpack, handbag, wall, door or simply slip in your pocket or pouch. It has a secure round key ring to conveniently carry the penlight during mini camping, biking, and hiking or anywhere you need it and favorably access your keys at the same time. Perfect for outdoor activities!
  • KEYCHAIN TORCH SET - 12 pieces flashing light made from high grade quality, trusted plastic materials for a long lasting, satisfying performance. Battery operated, powerful LED pocket light is lightweight and compact. Featuring its strong metal keychain to keep keys and other miniature accessories together. Its handle provides a comfortable grip and has simple on and off switch button. Batteries included.
  • ATTRACTIVE AND STYLISH - Feel free to choose which variety of colors fit your taste - black, red, blue, and sky blue. Neutral, pleasant to the eyes and best suits to your mood, environment, and style. Very valuable, handy and colorful. Its unisex structure matches the wide fashion sense of men and women.
  • HANDOUTS AND COLLECTIBLE - Fun to collect and share with these novelty flashlight key holder! Engaging and enjoyable to use as party gaming materials, promotional gifts and giveaways during themed parties especially in light games or flashlight games. Ideal for birthday celebrations, corporate events, and holiday gatherings. All ages - kids, teens, adults, and seniors, will surely love it! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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