POP FIZZ DESIGNS Bachelorette Sash Set (18 pcs) 1 White Bride to Be Sash + 1 Maid of Honor Sash + 17 Bachelorette Sashes for The Bride Tribe - Amazing Bachelorette Party Favors

Price: $29.99 ($29.99 / Count)

Color: Black

Brand: Pop Fizz Designs


  • 💎 OTHER COPYCAT BACHELORETTE PARTY SASHES ARE MADE OF materials cheaper than a bad date, THAT ARE MISSPELLED and that SLIDE OFF ALL. NIGHT. LONG. (Honey, your Bride Squads got enough problems trying to dance straight after a few.) Don’t be that cheap friend. POP FIZZ Bride Tribe Sashes are SILK SCREENED BY HAND, made from HIGH QUALITY FABRICS THAT STAY PUT & make your I Do Crew look & feel amaze. Get Pop Fizz bridal sashes & AVOID BEING A TRUE Maid of Dishonor.
  • 💎 FIT FOR A BOSS BRIDE & her entourage, every bridal sash is printed with high-quality GOLD LETTERING. Each bachelorette party kit comes with 1 WHITE BRIDE TO BE bachelorette party sash & 11 TEAM BRIDE bridal party sashes. And as back up on your night of wild dancing, secure your bridesmaid sash with one of the kit’s 12 SAFETY PINS. (Though we recommend pinning before things get too crazy). CHOOSE FROM 4 COLORS and 3 PACK SIZES – 7, 12, or 18-pack.
  • 💎 HERE’S TO SMASHING THE NIGHT with our bachelorette sashes. This is anything but your average bach. Your BFF’s Last Fling Before the Ring will be EPIC. These hilarious, fun bachorlette party decorations start the night off right, are ATTENTION-GRABBERS, CONVERSATION STARTERS & will lead you on a wild adventure. #picsoritdidnthappen
  • 💎 EVEN THE MOST RESERVED OF ladies will bring out her FUN, PLAYFUL and, dare I say, WILD SIDE with these bachelorette sashes. Try one of these fun bachelorette party games: At the start of the bachelorette party, VOTE WHICH SASH each girl should get. CAREFUL! (Not-So)-Innocent assumptions could be loaded – but that’s part of the fun!
  • 💎 AT POP FIZZ DESIGNS, FUN IS our middle name. We’re a small family business & believe life was meant to be celebrated – every moment. WE LOVE OUR HELPING CUSTOMERS TO make their celebration special. THERE’S A REASON WE ARE the highest-rated bachelorette sashes on Amazon. #notsohumblebrag IF, FOR ANY REASON, you don’t absolutely love your bachelorette party supplies, WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT.

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