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This beautiful vintage style skeleton key shape bottle opener makes the perfect wedding and party favor. Inexpensive and practical accessories, they can add accent and character to decoration, particularly to vintage and rustic themes. Yours keys to event success! Personalize the escort tags with names and messages, and engage your guests!


Package contents and quantity: 50 pcs of vintage key shape bottle opener, 50 pcs of escort card 50 pcs of Gold laminated pillow candy box and white satin ribbon.
Key size: 8 x 2.85 x 0.8 cms
Escort Card: 9 x 5.4 cms
Material: Metal Alloy, Kraft Paper, White satin ribbon


- Wedding favors
- Bridal showers
- Baby showers
- Birthday party
- Kids party
- Alice in Wonderland theme party
- Christening
- Graduation
- Baptism
- Beach Wedding favors
- Fall Wedding favors
- Indian Wedding favors
- Engagement favors
- Christmas party
- Bachelorette
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- Boy party
- Halloween
- Garden Wedding favors

Product Features

  • ✔ Q FOR QUALITY, ITS YOUR BIG DAY - Rich vintage looking keys with lustrous Gold color finishing, Gold laminated pillow candy box worth $15 to store Almonds, Chocolates,etc. Classy white escort tags to personalize messages and 25 yards of White satin ribbon worth $5 all delivered in a stunning golden yellow gift packing. BEWARE the low quality options, with light weight, smaller and discolored keys. Its your big day and you don't want to take a chance!
  • ✔ WEDDING- FAVORS AND WEDDING DECORATIONS: The Lustrous Gold tones on the key, the matching golden pillow candy box, Classy white escort tags with white satin ribbon will accentuate your wedding décor with a old vintage or royal touch. Hang these off a tree for your guests to collect, or spread them out on a tabletop in stunning eye catching arrangements.
  • ✔ PERSONALIZE ESCORT CARD TAGS AND ENGAGE YOUR GUESTS: Write guest name, message or table numbers on the escort tags. Keep your friends and guests engaged, as they look around for their personalized cardstag, or get seated
  • ✔ HAS UTILITY VALUE, NOT JUST SOUVENIRS! These classic antique keys make stylish bottle openers. Keep them in your kitchen or bar, or hook them onto your key ring. Your guests would remember you long after your wedding or party! YET, inexpensive in bulk!
  • ✔ UNIQUE, NON CONSUMABLE AND LASTING: Think beyond almonds , chocolates, scented candles and soaps. Perfectly suits occasions and themes - bridal showers, baby showers, birthday partyy, kids, alice in wonderland, christening, graduation, baptism, beach, wedding, fall, Indian, housewarming, engagement, Christmas, bachelorette, candle, princess, wine, coffee, nautical, anniversary, country, tea, bottle, holiday, summer, irish, Girls partiesy, Western set, Halloween, thank you gifts and garden. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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